Election Predictions, and you KNOW it’s not over tomorrow, right?

I’m pretty vocal about being tired of this election nonsense, which makes me pretty awesome and also pretty unpopular. I really feel that with the lies and treachery and confrontations, I have been held hostage in front of a 24 hour Dynasty marathon for the last two years, only without the fancy hats, the exclamations of “you BITCH!” and slapfests.
All of these would have made it better. Seriously, think about it. There is nothing in the world that cannot be made more interesting by approaching it a Joan Collins kind of way.
A friend tried to cheer me up by telling me it’s almost over, and it’s true. This phase of it is. Unfortunately, we’re set to move into the next phase at 7 o’clock tomorrow evening.  Are you all ready for more analysis than you ever thought possible? I am not, but I know it’s coming, as is the “I knew it all along! I told you… remember? When I said this thing might happen? I AM AN EXPERT.” thing. Brace yourselves.

Just so I’m not poking you in the ribs tomorrow night with my “I told you so”s, here are my predictions:

1) Someone will win.

2) Millions of people will be thrilled.

3) Someone else will lose.

4)Millions of people (probably different millions than the first batch I mentioned) will be terribly upset. Some will even go so far as to threaten to move to different countries to protest this.

5) No one will be moving anywhere, because it’s a lot easier to say than do.

6) The words ‘fraud’ and ‘recount’ will be said so many times that they will stop sounding like words and start sounding like verbal typos and/or fungal infections that one catches from the tile floor at the local public pool.

7) There will be snark. Oh Lord, there will be snark. It won’t even be good, funny snark, unless MST3K is hosting election coverage and no one bothered to tell me.

8)I will realize that there are lots of things no one bothered to tell me. Not just about the elections, but probably about school forms that need signing and dog food that needs to be purchased too.

9) At some point, I will see a voter on tv who has so much bluster about his team winning that I will wonder if  he has confused this with a football game. I will say something about this, and Johnny Rotten will remind me that it’s a weird comment for me to make because I don’t actually know anything about football. He will then try to explain the rules to me, again. They wont sink in, again.

10) Manchild will vote for the very first time. He will be very excited and will chatter our ears off about it, which is awesome because hooray democracy! And hooray becoming an adult!

So. What are YOUR predictions? Lay ’em on me.


2 thoughts on “Election Predictions, and you KNOW it’s not over tomorrow, right?

  1. Just a thought: maybe tomorrow would be more interesting if we accepted “recount” as a new euphemism for masturbation? “Oh, the entire state of Florida needs to “recount”… not sure how thats going to help, but Im sure there are quite a few folks who’ll feel better for it.”

    I cant wait to see what Ann Coulter says. I really feel that she’s done well in carving out her niche as the female Don Rickles.

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