One of us is doing zoology wrong.

I went to the little Korean market by my house today, and in addition to grocery stuff, I bought myself a little container of cookie sticks with frosting, even though I hate the frosting. The cookie sticks are just that good.


The picture is sideways, but maybe you can make out that it says “look inside for fun words”. Maybe you can’t. At any rate, it does say that, and as someone who appreciates fun words, that is exactly what I did.

The first few cookie sticks I pulled out were cute. They had the name of an animal, a little drawing, and a short fact about the animal. See?


Zebra, herbivore. (Ooh, this is fun!)
Giraffe, tallest mammal. (Yep. Fun and educational!)
Squid, black ink. (Aww, they do have black ink! Hooray!)

Then, all the confidence that I had just acquired went straight to h-e-double-cookie-sticks with the next batch I pulled out.


Panda, go for more. (Wait….)
Octopus, lucky number:8 (What??)
Squirrel, your best friend. (I don’t even…..)
Chick, lucky colour: yellow ( ….I need a glass of wine now)

Maybe next time I should just spring for Pocky and avoid this whole situation.


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