As you gorgeous people know, I’ve been silent an awfully long time. Too long, honestly, and I know some of you have been worried.

Im sorry if I worried you.

I owe you an explanation, because no one should make another worry needlessly. So, here goes.

Depression, as it sometimes does, reached up, grabbed me by throat, and wouldnt let go during the post holiday bounce-back period. It was being an ugly monster, telling me that anything I had to say was pointless, that anything I did was pointless, and that I as a person was pointless. It talked and talked to me, and I eventually gave in and listened.

I got quiet as I listened to it. I listened and started to believe all the things the bluesmonster told me. These are things I would never utter to my worst enemy, and if you know me, you know there isnt much thats off the table in that situation. I listened. I heard. I believed.

But then, I got a few messages asking me where, and more importantly how, I was. It took my scumbag brain by surprise. If I was as pointless and unliked as it insisted, why then would people be making time in their busy days to genuinely care about how I am? Not just one person, not one lovely soul who is kind like that….but several. And honestly, some of you who’ve checked on me arent the type to blow sunshine when its unwarranted. You must actually like me.

Logic reigned.

I made some bootstraps out of those good wishes and concerns, pulled myself up by them, and metaphorically punched depression in its stupid, ugly, lying mouth.

Long story short? I love you guys. And I am back, babies!


2 thoughts on “Depression.

  1. I am so veryveryvery glad you’re back! I hesitated to ask (ok demand) when the next edition was going to happen. Selfish as I am I needed a fix. You can’t let little things like the end of the world get you down. Hey spring is here! I heard a Rain Crow.

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