On Boston and not losing faith.

There were horrible, horrible things that happened in Boston this week. You knew that already. You saw the reports and the photos so awful that they are burned into your brain. You know.

Also this week was the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, 18 years ago.  I bet if you are old enough to remember, you do remember.

I dont want to talk about those things. We know what, we know who, and we know how at this point. We dont know why, but as far as I am concerned, there is no explanation possible that will make us collectively sit back, breathe a sigh of relief, and say, “wellllllll, okay then, BomberGuy or other BomberGuy, I was concerned that you didn’t have a good enough reason, but now that you’ve explained, it’s all good.”

In the face of that kind of wrong, its easy to look at the actions of these men and figure the world is going to hell in a shrapnel filled handbasket.

I dont beg for anything, but I beg of you now: don’t think that. Not ever.

Don’t resign yourself to seeing only the bad. Don’t feel that humanity as a whole is terrible.  It’s just not true.

In the wake of the events in Boston, and OKC, and every other horrible situation, the actions and kindnesses of millions say far more about us as people than the violence of a few. We, as people, are riddled with empathy. We commit senseless acts of compassion all the time. We help, because that’s just who we are and that’s just what we do.

Believe it.

Now, darlings, get out there and act. The world needs your kindness, just as it always has.


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