Orpheus himself couldnt make a better playlist

So, getting the final bits together before the run on Sunday. Heres my tentative playlist, which feels like it may have been handed down to me from the heights of Mt Olympus.

I dunno, yall. Im new to this, so we will just have to see how it goes. I tried to include not only songs I liked, but songs that would remind me of good times and good people.

Alone in kyoto- air

American pie- don mclean

Dark doo wop-ms mr

Daffodil Lament-the cranberries

Feel good inc- gorillaz

Hung up- madonna

Kiss with a fist- florence + the machine

Little talks-of monsters and men

Lose yourself- eminem

Hounds of love- futureheads

Fast and frightening- L7

Eye of the tiger- survivor

Enter the ninja- die antwoord

First day of my life- bright eyes

The distance- cake

Days go by-dirty vegas

A daisy chain 4 satan- thrill kill kult

Toy box- icp

Glad I met you- d. Gookin

Cemetery gates- pantera

Build me up butter cup- the foundations

Break ya neck- busta rhymes

Bug powder dust- kruder and dorfmeister

Safe and sound- capital cities

Ass and titties- dj assault

Baby blue- badfinger

Battleflag- lo fidelity all stars

Big time sensuality- bjork

I fink u freeky- die antwoord

How soon is now- the smiths

Nerdcore rising- mc frontalot

Mama said knock you out- ll cool j

Janine- soul coughing

That old pair of jeans- fatboyslim

Just one fix- ministry

Nachna onda nei- tigerstyle

Rainbow in the dark- dio

Youre the best- joe esposito

Upside down- diana ross

A real hero- college ft electric youth

Shitlist- L7

Something good 08- utah saints

I will follow you into the dark- deathcab for cutie

The wire- haim

You wish-nightmares on wax

I also made sure my roots were done andthat my toenails were painted midnight blue, because I dont want to see them all bruised at the end of the race.

Bring it.


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